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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Paul Supporters: Beware the Third Party Trap

Excellent analysis by Ron Holland on why liberty activists will eventually prevail and he warns against Ron Paul running 3rd party.
...the Republicans and Democrats have worked together since the 1860’s to make sure they are the only real political game in town by increasing the difficulty of third party efforts and this is why none have risen to prominence and electoral victory since that time....The Ron Paul Revolution Is Transforming the GOP I would suggest that the two Ron Paul GOP presidential nomination campaigns in 2008 and 2012 have brought more to the American ranks of the liberty movement than all the presidential campaigns of the LP and all the funding of free-market think tanks during the entire period. All of this changed with Ron Paul’s 2008 GOP presidential campaign when hundreds of thousands of young people flooded into the Republican Party. The establishment ignored his candidacy, made fun of his freedom message and utilized the usual bag of dirty tricks in order to limit his support all to no avail. Again in 2011 and 2012, his vote totals more than doubled and freedom advocates are beginning to take over local party organizations. With Paul running as a Republican, the party neocon leadership have been unable to stop the momentum of the Ron Paul Revolution especially involving young people. We have outraged the establishment by using their very party institutions, the debates etc. designed to marginalize us and other threats to their continued control and party domination as liberty vehicles to promote our movement and the Paul campaign. Both Political Party Leaderships Are Controlled By Special Interests If the young Paul supporters continue to participate in the GOP, then the establishment will be powerless to stop our eventual takeover at the county, state and potentially the national level as the older propagandized sheep-like, voters die off. The Internet reformation has made the old "lesser of two evils" strategy used by both political parties to motivate voting blocks is thankfully dying.
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