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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quality Jobs Program morphs into easy money source for those who know the game

Government funded jobs programs are nothing more than backdoor corporate welfare and these programs produce damn few jobs. In Oklahoma, the results were pitiful.
Eighteen years in, Oklahoma’s economic development crown jewel, the Quality Jobs Program, has strayed far afield, costing taxpayers much more than originally intended and paying out much more per job in many cases....Would Oklahoma’s taxpayers be happy if they knew: Oklahoma paid $6.5 million to underwrite Wal-Mart pharmacy jobs around the state?....Oklahoma paid $3.5 million to one Tulsa company projected to create 3,000 jobs and five years later, it listed 15 jobs in that program? That’s $233,000 per job....Dell Computer Corp. came to town in 2005. It began laying off in 2008 and is now 500 below its original public jobs announcement. It has received about $19 million in QJP incentives.
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