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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Real Hilary Rosen Scandal: Does Her Firm Sell Access To The White House To Powerful Corporations?

When Democrat Strategist Hilary Rosen accused Ann Romney of never working a day in her life because she made the choice to be a stay at home mom and raise her 5 boys, all hell broke loose. I thought the Dems were all about choice? But Democrats are only advocates for choice when it suits their social engineering agenda which requires that children be turned over to the state for total indoctrination. Raising free thinking children is verboten. In any event, Hilary Rosen is a powerful operative with access to the White House. Even more disturbing, it appears that Rosen is just another typical political operative lining her pockets with corporatist cash and selling access for the purposes of securing a slice of Fedzilla's Money Pie. Pure and simple, Rosen is a corporate pimp.  Who's got the moral high ground?  Ann Romney the stay at home mom or Hilary Rosen the corporate pimp?
Hilary Rosen, a Democratic lobbyist and pundit for CNN, found herself caught up in 24-hour news cycle controversy after she made some inflammatory comments about Ann Romney’s work as stay-at-home mom. Rosen has apologized for her off-the-cuff comments. But the entire story may set off a greater, more substantive inquiry about the nature of Rosen’s consulting firm, SKDKnickerbocker, an unregistered lobbying firm that has become one of the biggest names in the influence business by using its ties to President Obama and leaders in Congress. Predictably, Republicans have noticed that Rosen is a frequent visitor to the White House. While Democrats are arguing that Rosen is not an advisor to the Democratic Party or President Obama’s reelection campaign, then what are the meetings about? Today in the Politico’s “Morning Money,” reporter Ben White flags a deeper concern: Per a senior Dem: “Serious Dem operatives are aghast at Hilary Rosen’s misguided attack on Ann Romney’s work history. She and others at PR firm SKD Knickerbocker have represented many clients that have raised hackles with senior White House staff. It’s an open secret in the Dem consultant community that SKD has been signing up clients based on ‘perceived White House access’ tied to prior relationships and employment.” As we’ve reported, SKDKnickerbocker is led by a team of former Democratic operatives and key White House figures. But instead of promoting a progressive agenda, or even an Obama agenda, these consultants score huge contracts by helping corporate interests lobby for policies that are not in line with the public interest. We’ve compiled a partial list of SKDKnickerbocker’s clients. Since the firm refuses to register as an ordinary lobbying firm, we don’t know their full roster of clients....
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