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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Republican Donor Simmons Seeks Rule to Fill Texas Dump

The federal government has no right to decide if Texas should become a toxic nuclear waste dump. That's a decision for Texans and most Texans don't want it. But in Texas, big money always trumps the will of Texans. Texas is very much like DC where everything is bought and paid for by special interests.
Harold Simmons built a West Texas dump for radioactive waste that is bigger than 1,000 football fields and he can’t fill it.To turn it into a profitable enterprise, the Texas billionaire hired lobbyists to urge the Obama administration to expand the types of nuclear waste, including depleted uranium, the dump can accept and award his company disposal contracts. If the Nuclear Regulatory Commission changes the rule, it could open access to a market worth billions....Simmons now is spending money in a new way that could improve his business prospects: He’s invested $15.9 million this election cycle in various groups to help elect Republicans, who advocate easing regulations on the nuclear industry.
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