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Saturday, April 21, 2012


WOW! Are Christians waking up? Young Christians at Liberty University are definitely waking up and it's a huge problem for establishment Republicans who have claimed ownership of the Christian vote for so long.  Ron Paul is hugely popular on the LU campus and has the votes to prove it.
The John McCain, eh sorry, the Mitt Romney campaign replayed a scene from past failed Republican candidates yesterday. They announced in the morning that Governor Romney would be the commencement speaker at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. The school founded, by Jerry Falwell, is touted as the largest Christian University in the world. And in the afternoon they announced that openly gay, Richard Grenell, would be Romney’s new national security and foreign policy spokesman. Students at Liberty were in an uproar. Not over Grenell, but over the University choosing Romney instead of their beloved Ron Paul. The firestorm began on the University’s own website, where the thread hit 700 comments in a couple of hours. The discussion was promptly censored and then shut down proving that the University is not very aptly named. But the discussion moved onto Facebook where it continues to spread. Ron Paul has a large support base on campuses in general, all campuses, Christian or otherwise. According to Braedon Wilkerson, Ron Paul district coordinator, he carried the city of Lynchburg by a 51-49% margin and the newly created Liberty University precinct 60-40%. “The campus and the city belong to Ron Paul.”
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