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Monday, April 9, 2012

Romney "Surrounded by Neocons, Playing Around with Matches" on Iran

Who is the least likely to start a war with Iran - Romney or Obama? Neither, as they are both owned by defense contractors and banksters.
President Obama is playing around with fire, Romney has the fuse on a stick of dynamite lit already. This "No Apologies" strategy, aside from being a lie, is also wrong. When you make a mistake, it is best to admit it, otherwise you end up repeating them, just as we are doing now. How many asinine battles is the US going to fight anyway. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, were all idiotic. The US should apologize for mistakes made in those countries. Fools never apologize. Romney is an arrogant war-mongering fool hell-bent on waging yet another asinine war to prove the "meaning of American resolve". Such idiocy was the basis for the War in Vietnam, the War in Iraq, and a 10-year long ongoing war in Afghanistan that the US public was fed up with years ago.
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