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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ron Paul forces carry the day in St. Charles County's GOP caucus redo

With over 3,100 counties in America, every county has a GOP machine that is largely controlled by establishment Republicans who love wars, the Federal Reserve, crony capitalism and big government. When the liberty activists control at least 50% of the largest county party machines, they will start to dominate state party machines. When they control at least 50% of the Republican state parties, they will control the RNC convention. Progress may be slow but liberty activists are feeling and using the political power.
Ron Paul supporter Brent Stafford, who was arrested at the March 17 Republican presidential caucus in St.Charles County, was decidedly in a better position after he was elected the caucus chairman during Tuesday night’s redo at the St. Charles Convention Center. Stafford defeated the acting chairman, state GOP chairman David Cole, in the first vote of the 903 people attending Tuesday night’s gathering – a sign that Paul's allies had galvanized their forces to win some Missouri presidential delegates during the second round of the caucuses, which take place April 21....Paul's activists earlier had estimated that they won at least 10 percent of Missouri's first-round delegates, in hopes of capturing some presidential delegate slots. The plan has been to do far better than Paul's results in Missouri at the polls. He snagged just over 12 percent of the vote in Missouri's nonbinding Feb. 7 presidential primary...St. Louis County township committeeman Chris Howard, a Santorum backer, said he hoped that Paul's supporters would back Romney in the fall. "I don't know what their ultimate goal is,'' Howard said. He added that he was nonetheless impressed by the Paul forces' passion and "the Republican Party needs people to be involved."
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