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Friday, April 27, 2012


Jack Hunter, Ron Paul's official campaign blogger, provides an update on the campaign's plans.
The campaign today unveiled new operations in Texas including a new headquarters, continuing television ads and Ron Paul appearances starting tomorrow at the University of Texas El Paso, the University of Texas Austin and the University of Houston. Expect Paul’s appearances to be packed as always, but all of this also serves as a reminder that only the Paul campaign has the passionate support, resources and momentum moving forward to give Republicans a viable alternative to Romney and the GOP establishment. There have been reports that some establishment types have been trying to make Texas’ proportional primary a winner-take-all state. Why? Seriously, if it’s in the bag for Romney, what’s the fear?
Also, Jack Hunter quotes The American Specator, a notorious Ron Paul hating neocon website. The neocons are watching every Ron Paul move. Of course, it's hard NOT to notice the huge rallies, the level of support, the incredible fundraising, the passion of the Paulites and their success in the battle for delegates.
The American Spectator’s James Antle made this observations today concerning other states: Ron Paul won 20 out of 24 delegates in Minnesota. He had finished second in the popular vote in the state’s caucus. There are reports of six other caucus states where Republicans are bracing for a possible delegate coup by the Paul forces, who remain active and relatively well funded.
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A coup by the Paul forces?  Bring it on!

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