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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ron Paul sticks to risky issues, appeals to young people

Following Ron Paul's recent rally in Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Tribune acknowledges that Ron Paul appeals to the young who are embracing Libertarian principles like sound money, economic liberty and an end to foreign interventions.
The Texas lawmaker visited hometown Pittsburgh for a fundraiser, a visit with family members in the South Hills and a sold-out event at nearby Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum. "If you look at what he did when he ran in 2008 and what he has accomplished this time, you will see a remarkable surge in his popularity," said political scientist Lara Brown of Villanova University. "His success in the ballot box reflects the country's, specifically young people, shift towards libertarianism." According to a calculus done by FiveThirtyEight, a political blog operated by The New York Times, Paul has won 10 percent of the collective vote in the 32 Republican primaries. In 2008, he garnered only 4 percent of the vote in 27 GOP primaries. Zachery Zonko, 21, of Philadelphia, a Pitt student who attended the fundraiser, said Paul's economic polices drew him to the 76-year-old politician....About 2,300 Paul supporters at Soldiers & Sailors gave him standing ovations last night for his promises to end foreign military involvement, and raucous boos for mentions of the Federal Reserve, the Patriot Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act.
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