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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ron Paul Winning Delegates With Santorum Support Coalition

Santorum supporters are breaking for Ron Paul. Although Santorum has endorsed Romney, his supporters aren't exactly biting for Mittens.
With the suspension of Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign, mainline Republicans immediately began reporting that the race was over, and that Mitt Romney was the GOP nominee for the presidency. But Romney supporters may have started celebrating prematurely. If recent events are any indication, Ron Paul is a dangerous competitor. First, Rick Santorum’s supporters have begun uniting with Paulistas on an anti-Romney slate at state conventions. Bolstered by this arrangement, Ron Paul is gathering large numbers of delegates even in states where he performed poorly in the initial voting....Second, Ron Paul has the best chance to win over Evangelicals and even more Santorum supporters, as seen in events past and present. Remember that it was Ron Paul who won the Evangelical Values Voters Summit straw poll back in October of 2011....Finally, a recent poll by Rasmussen shows Ron Paul as the only candidate capable of beating Barack Obama. Republicans focused on removing Obama from office would be wise to support the candidate who stands out as truly different from the president. Unlike Romney, Ron Paul is not a “moderate” but rather a refreshingly sincere figure whose third-party style rhetoric is something so many Americans have been waiting for.
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