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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rubio’s “Bipartisan” Foreign Policy Speech and the Reasons He Didn’t Mention Iraq

Rubio, like so many other Republicans and Democrats, is a hardcord militarist, foreign interventionist, empire builder and perpetual warmonger.
Conor Friedersdorf also found Rubio’s speech yesterday to be awful, and he noticed that Rubio avoided any mention of the Iraq war...Conor says that Rubio skipped over this because the Iraq war is an embarrassment to the foreign policy tradition he is trying to represent, and that may be why Iraq goes unmentioned, but I’m not so sure. The adherents of the ideology Rubio has adopted are still mostly convinced that the invasion was a good idea, and Rubio has been keen to align himself with three of the most prominent Iraq war dead-enders still in the Senate. If there’s anyone from the election class of 2010 willing to repeat defenses of the Iraq war, it would be Rubio....When Rubio praised illegal U.S.-led coalition warfare overseas, the example he chose was Kosovo, which is still regarded in Democratic circles to be a “good” and successful use of military force...My guess is that another reason for mentioning Kosovo and ignoring Iraq was to minimize the differences between Democratic and Republican hawks. He was endorsing the idea of a bipartisan consensus in favor of military interventionism that had been intact in the ’90s and early 2000s until the Iraq war badly damaged it. Appearing alongside Lieberman and mentioning Truman, Kennedy, and Jackson at the beginning of his speech were probably intended to validate Lieberman’s criticism of the post-Iraq direction of the Democratic Party.
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