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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saudi Arabian girls' school defies basketball ban

This is BIG news in Saudi Arabia where the religious Nazis rule. Defying the clerics could get you beheaded under Islamic law. I've always believed that the fight for human, civil and natural rights in the Islamic world will come from its women. There was a horrifying incident a while back where the Saudi religious police chased 15 school girls back into their burning school, bolted the door and let them burn to death because they were not properly attired in full Islamic garb.  Females in Saudi Arabia are currently banned from participating in sports.
A girls' school in Saudi Arabia has defied a religious ban on female sports by erecting basketball hoops and allowing pupils to play at break-time, the daily al-Watan has reported. Powerful clerics in the conservative Islamic kingdom have long spoken against permitting girls to play sports, with one senior figure saying in 2009 it might lead them to lose their virginity by tearing their hymens. Saudi Arabia's austere interpretation of Islamic law prevents women from working, opening bank accounts or having some elective surgery without the permission of a male relative. They are not allowed to drive.
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