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Monday, April 9, 2012


Once Obamacare kicks in after being upheld by SCOTUS (my prediction), I suspect that medical tourism will also explode because the decline in the quality of healthcare in the US will accelerate. But there are many places that offer top quality healthcare, even better than US heathcare, at low cost.
Another area where this price/quality anomaly is apparent is in healthcare. Private medical and dental care in Thailand is top notch… in many cases (as I will explore below) far superior to what you might receive back home. Yet it costs a fraction as much. It’s not just in Thailand; several countries across Asia– South Korea, India, Singapore, and even mainland China– have emerged as the top places in the world to seek treatment. The reasoning is quite simple. 1. Cost is obvious....The quality of care overseas is often unparalleled. Marquee hospitals in Asia (like Bumrungrad) are more like 7-star hotels than anything else– exquisite lobbies, concierge service, gourmet restaurants, luxury accommodations, nurses that are more like butlers, etc. You’re not just some number in a system– you receive a great deal of personal attention from physicians, not the typical ‘slam, bam, pay the man’ that people in the west are accustomed to. Not only is this approach refreshing, it also tends to improve the quality of treatment when the doctor spends more than 30-seconds with you. 4. There is no FDA. One of the most important things to understand about healthcare overseas is that cutting edge, life-saving technologies are embraced without being regulated to death.
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