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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Should the U.S. legalize hard drugs?

George Will lays out a rational and intelligent case for legalizing all drugs.
Amelioration of today’s drug problem requires Americans to understand the significance of the 80-20 ratio. Twenty percent of American drinkers consume 80 percent of the alcohol sold here. The same 80-20 split obtains among users of illicit drugs. About 3 million people — less than 1 percent of America’s population — consume 80 percent of illegal hard drugs. Drug-trafficking organizations can be most efficiently injured by changing the behavior of the 20 percent of heavy users, and we are learning how to do so....Consider current policy concerning the only addictive intoxicant currently available as a consumer good — alcohol....More Americans are imprisoned for drug offenses or drug-related probation and parole violations than for property crimes....imprisoning low-ranking street-corner dealers is pointless: A $200 transaction can cost society $100,000 for a three-year sentence. And imprisoning large numbers of dealers produces an army of people who, emerging from prison with blighted employment prospects, can only deal drugs.
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