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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some Things Detwaddled, Cops, Race, Reporters

Fred Reed is hilarious - an incorrigible blend of wit, humor, common sense and the uncanny ability to distill everything to its raw and absolute essence. Fred exposes our stultifying hypocrisy, haughty arrogance and smug stupidity like no other.
Nobody starts a fist fight with a man holding a gun. Novody holding a gun starts a fist fight with his left hand. Nobody who is winning a fist fight pulls a gun. Journalism in America, and perhaps everywhere, works according to unacknowledged templates in which the reporter fills in blanks, thus saving him the nuisance of thought, for which he is generally not well suited anyway. In matters of race, it also saves him from being drawn and quartered for Crime Thought. If he follows the template, he is safe. Stupidity, sloth, and cowardice are thus fertilized. A favorite template is: evil racist white cop shoots meritorious black because the cop hates blacks.....Let’s play another game. We will recruit a group of black students from Yale, put them in hoodies and butt-hanger pants, and have them walk by night, talking loudly in Ebonics, through a neighborhood inhabited by the staff of the Washington Post, crossing lawns. You will give me a dollar for every call the cops get about it. Profiling. I’ll spend the summer in the south of France.
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