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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time to End Maine’s Income Tax

In Maine there's a movement going to end the state income tax. Folks are figuring out that the power to tax equates to the abuse of power and the economic consequences are devastating.
Imagine if the State of Maine wrote you a check for $4,000. Every year. That’s essentially what would happen if we eliminated Maine’s personal income tax. The average family of four would save nearly $4,000 each year. Think it’s impossible? Think again. The personal income tax is a leash that pro-government forces have tied around the necks of Mainers for more than 30 years. Maine used to have a thriving economy and booming industries, but we all know that’s history. The startling truth is, the decline of Maine’s economy started at nearly the exact time the state decided to implement the income tax. And it’s wreaked havoc on families and businesses ever since. Maine consistently ranks among the worst states in the nation for business climate, and we have one of the highest tax burdens in the country. The income tax plays a huge roll in this dynamic. The fact is, Maine is known as a big-government state that will squeeze every nickel out of its citizens, even to the detriment of the overall economy.
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