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Monday, April 30, 2012

Tiptoeing Through a Minefield of Pansy Asses

The culture war is as intense as ever because all its totalitarian factions refuse to think in terms of natural rights for all human beings.  The Libertarian solution is "I don't care about your sex life or your religion" but don't try and force your beliefs on me.
Although it remains unclear exactly what buggery has to do with ethical reporting, Professional Homosexual Dan Savage was there to unravel the mystery to a group of Seattle teens on April 13 at the National High School Journalism Convention. When he started ripping into the Bible—calling it “bullshit” and accusing it of not only being wrong about homosexuality, but also about slavery, masturbation, virginity, and, yes, shellfish—small clusters of students stood up and began leaving. Their exodus was largely quiet. They did not try to shout him down or sprinkle him with holy water. Savage called the retreating clusters of offended and presumedly Christian students “pansy asses.” Looking so empowered that one would think he needs to carry extra battery chargers whenever he travels more than 25 miles, Savage gloated that he was “beating up the Bible,”...
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