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Friday, April 13, 2012

Toxic Chicken Jerky Treats: Pet Owners Square Off Against FDA

Is the FDA and the government killing our pets? In a sane world, consumers would have access to tort law and sue companies that manufacture, distribute and sell dangerous products. But government regulation protects businesses from lawsuits by negating the concept of product liability. Consumers shouldn't demanding a government edict that a product is safe, they should be demanding the right to sue companies.
While the FDA continues to dilly-dally -- searching endlessly for the precise mechanism in chicken jerky treats from China that is causing illness and death in thousands of pets in the U.S. and elsewhere – pet owners are starting to demand action. And it's no wonder, since the first FDA warning on these popular but potentially deadly treats was issued a very long four and a half years ago, in September 2007. Earlier this year, pet owners and a U.S. Senator from Ohio urged the FDA to show a sense of urgency in investigating the treats at issue, and getting them pulled from store shelves....But while the FDA seems content to remain clueless about what's causing the problem, pet owners and veterinarians in the U.S., Canada and Australia have their own suspicions. These include: Ongoing melamine contamination, Irradiation of ingredients in jerky treats, An as-yet unidentified chemical preservative, Diethyelene glycol (a toxin)...
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