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Monday, April 9, 2012

US Offers to 'Negotiate' if Iran Surrenders; Thoughts on Negotiation Tactics; Obama Threatens War By Mike Shedlock

The warmongering neocons dominate both political parties. The Republican and Democrat psychopaths won't be happy until we start a war with Iran.
President Obama has stepped up the rhetoric against Iran with an offer to "negotiate". His offer is no offer at all, it is a demand to surrender. There will be nothing left to "negotiate" if Iran accepts the offer. This is what Obama demands before "negotiation" begins. Immediately close and dismantle a recently completed nuclear facility deep under a mountain Give up and ship out of the country its stockpile of uranium enriched to 20 percent purity Halt all enrichment even though enrichment to 5 percent does not pose a risk Allow inspectors full access to all Iranian sites Allow inspectors access to key nuclear scientists even though many Iranian scientists have been killed The New York Times reports U.S. Defines Its Demands for New Round of Talks With Iran...
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