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Monday, April 2, 2012

Vegas spending spree prompts resignation at federal agency

Government employees really do party like rock stars. But unlike real rock stars who are in the entertainment business, government agencies and their employees financially rape, pillage and plunder American taxpayers. $32 a person for Cracker Jacks! If I could sell my muffins to the government for $16 bucks apiece I'd be rich!
Remember the furor over $16 muffins? That's nothing compared with the $100-plus per-person reception...The $822,000 cost of the conference, attended by about 300 employees, led Monday to the resignation of GSA Administrator Martha Johnson, along with the dismissal of two of her deputies – while prompting outrage on Capitol Hill...The Justice Department inspector general last year set off a public furor in a report on excessive costs at Justice Department conferences, including muffins that supposedly cost $16. The inspector general later revised its report to say the $16 price included fruit, coffee and juice...Still, the report angered lawmakers because of other expenses, such as the $32 per-person cost of Cracker Jacks and other snacks and $600,000 for event planners.
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