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Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Is the Conservative Movement?

Republicans can't seen to agree on the definition of a conservative. Frankly, it's a term I personally loathe and prefer to call myself a classical liberal, a Libertarian, a constitutionalist or a liberty activist. All the folks I know who claim to be conservative are Republican and all the Republicans I know are warmongers, statists and socialists.
The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) sponsored what it called a debate on February 8 over the question "Are libertarians a part of the conservative movement?"....Media celebrities like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Dennis Miller, and others calling themselves conservatives were never mentioned. Since these public figures have scores of millions of listeners and readers who go by that name, that gives them a considerable stake in the word's popular definition. Prominent libertarians such as Lew Rockwell, Jacob Hornberger, James Bovard, Sheldon Richman, William Norman Grigg, and Glenn Greenwald are in near perpetual opposition to the public positions of the aforementioned, but these kinds of real-world differences never came up in the "debate" for some reason....The idea that there is political kinship between people calling themselves "dittoheads," buying copies of Who's Looking Out For You, or missing the last President Bush and those who can faithfully paraphrase Nock is essentially propaganda in this election cycle. Prospects are grim for a Republican presidential nominee if he cannot rely on the antistatist vote in November. But the memory hole isn't deep enough to bury the fact that Obama's most authoritarian and supraconstitutional policies were inherited nearly verbatim from George Bush Jr.
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