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Friday, April 6, 2012

Who will I vote for if Ron Paul is not the Republican Nominee

The Revolution continues even after Republicans rejected the only candidate who stands any chance of defeating Obama.
I have been thinking over the past few months of what I will do in November if Ron Paul is not the Republican nominee and has decided not to run as a third party candidate. I look at all the other candidates on the Republican side and can not vote for any of them. Rick Santorum has zero concept of the Constitution and individual freedoms. He has stated the the Libertarian ideas that Ron Paul stands for don’t fit any where in the Republican party...Newt Gingrich oh where to start with this slippery fella.... he voted for GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) which tied us the World Trade Organization and their rules on trading and tariffs. So he basically Federalized Education, shipped jobs overseas and around the world from the US and gave up our sovereignty...Mitt Romney is the last in the line of RIHNOS that are running for the Republican nominee....So who will I vote for? I have looked at all the options and if he gets the Libertarian nomination which he is expected I will most likely throw my support towards Gary Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a two term governor of New Mexico who vetoed 750 bills as governor over his two terms. He is a true non nonsense fiscal conservative who believes folks can make better use of their money, property, and life choices.
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