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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why Many Young People Love Ron Paul And Why Many Older People Despise Him

The young have flipped for Ron Paul yet the Geezer Brigade continues to reject him. Why?
For a generation that it is said to not only recognized the folly of Vietnam but brought an end to it, the boomers seem pretty keen on keeping the war machine going. The concept of the military as “big government” is lost on many baby boomer conservatives....Also, though the Republican establishment may feel that it has effectively put down the libertarian uprising, liberty oriented Republicans are the future if the GOP wishes to remain viable. The libertarians are young, committed, information savvy, economically correct, and they are going to see their time in the sun like it or not. The smartest, most innovative political thinkers on what is called the “right” aren’t in the Romeny, or Gingrich camp, they are in the Ron Paul camp. And the GOP knows it. But the party will fight this reality every step of the way. The real question is whether the Dick Cheney types would rather commit party suicide than capitulate to the New Wave. We’ll see. Just as the Goldwater Republicans overtook the Rockefeller Republicans, the Ron Paul Republicans will take things further down the freedom path as they eclipse the Bushies. Time may not have come today, but it is coming.
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