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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can the Romney Campaign Co-opt the Ron Paul Movement? Fat Chance

The media pundits on the right and left are having a hard time figuring out Ron Paul and his supporters. What the media, Republicans and Democrats don't get is that the Ron Paul Revolution isn't about political parties. We hold both parties in utter contempt. But some folks are starting to wake-up to the stone cold reality that the Ron Paul Revolution is a growing and powerful movement for 'real' political change.
Having spoken with a wide swathe of young Paul voters, however, I’ve learned that’s an exceedingly unlikely proposition. Paul may have been running for the Republican nomination, but what he produced was a movement whose identity revolves around his own personality and his professed libertarian ideology. It’s a movement with hardly any affinity for the GOP—and for a man like Romney least of all. It’s telling that Paul supporters almost uniformly refer to Paul’s bid for the presidency as a “movement” or “revolution,” rather than a “campaign.” To ask about their allegiance to the party is, for many of them, to make a category mistake. “It’s not a matter of partisan politics,” says Casey Given, an organizer for the University of California Berkeley chapter of the Youth for Ron Paul group. “It’s more about the ideas than the party.” Indeed, a common refrain among Ron Paul supporters is that the Republican Party needs to be rebuilt from the ground up."
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