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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dallas County Exonerates Two More Men, 30 Years After the Crime They Didn't Commit

Convicting and imprisoning the innocent is a tragedy of our deeply flawed criminal justice system.
This morning, two men stood in the same courtroom where they were convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to life in prison for a rape and shooting that happened almost 30 years ago. This time, both were smiling, as they were one step closer to exiting the criminal justice hell that consumed the last three decades of their lives. Raymond Jackson and James Curtis Williams donned suits and were surrounded by friends, family and fellow exonerees, as Judge Susan Hawk, with her declaration of relief from conviction based on actual innocence, granted them entrance into the ever-expanding brotherhood of Dallas County exonerees. This morning's double exoneration hearing comes just weeks after the exoneration of three men for one crime.
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