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Monday, May 21, 2012

Do Young Libertarians Become Middle-Aged Moderates?

By: Eric Olsen

There's a reason the New York Yankees have so many fans. Because it's fun to root for the team that ends up winning.

And that's my greatest long-term fear about us: the Ron Paul generation.

Because, I'll be honest. This is depressing. It's depressing to have absolute certainty in that which is right, and to be fully aware you are alone in this minority. That the crazies are going to out-vote you once again.

It made me wonder if one's trend from political extremes toward moderation as we get older comes from a true shift in intellectual beliefs, or from the sheer fatigue of shouting alone?

Online friends such as yourselves keep me from feeling alone in my convictions. And if I'm being honest, there's actually a slight ego-boost that comes from the feeling of having select access to this pure truth others can't seem to find.

Like that few months you liked Mumford and Sons before they got big. But, what if they never did? Would you keep going to their concerts, singing alone? Or would you just say 'screw it' and go see Maroon 5 with a big group of friends?

At what point do you give up on the Chicago Cubs, because you're just so tired of losing?

At what point do you get excited about Mitt Romney, because you're just so desperate to be excited again?

Eric Olsen,
Regular Columnist, THL
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