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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Greece: Yes, Life Does Go On When the SHTF

The Greeks legitimately lay claim to one of the world's oldest surviving civilizations. It's a fascinating and tumultuous history full of wars, empires, conquests and much more. During the 20th century the Greeks endured civil war, monarchy and eventually settling on a democracy of sorts, a situation fairly similar to all European nations. At the end of the day the Greek are no different than anybody else - they are just people trying to survive in a world gone mad. What makes the Greeks unique is that while their situation is not necessarily historically unique, Greece is the first western nation to literally implode financially and politically, a fate that many predict will ultimately fall on most western nations as a result statism and fiat central banksters.
Greece is at the end of its rope. It indebted itself on a massive scale to sustain its socialist paradise and there is no way the debt can ever be repaid without making Greek citizens debt slaves for a very long time. Michael Lewis summarized the Greek situation best in his book Boomerang.
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