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Saturday, May 19, 2012

House Ends Military’s NASCAR Sponsorships, Race Car Drivers Express Outrage at Loss of Subsidy

NASCAR is a welfare queen. Dale Earnhardt was paid $136 million by the Pentagon.
A major war of words has erupted today between Rep. Jack Kingston (R – GA) and professional race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., with the well-known driver of a car railing at the Congressmen, accusing him of having never attended one of his races. This might require some backstory. Rep. Kingston is the co-sponsor of an amendment, passed today in a voice vote in the House, which ended all military subsidies for Earnhardt’s occupation, banning the Pentagon from sponsoring any professional or semi-professional events, including NASCAR, fishing and professional wrestling. Earnhardt is a surprisingly large recipient of such largesse, having received over $136 million for his car and his jacket to carry a National Guard logo on them for the last five years.
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