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Monday, May 14, 2012

How Weston, Florida, a City of 65,000, Gets By on 9 Employees

A great example in how to run city of 65,000 with only 9 employees - outsource just about everything, save money and not be shackled by expensive and non-productive public sector unions/employees.
Hersh says the structure also gives the city the ability to easily dismiss under-performing employees -- an often laborious process for governments. An investigation last year by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, for example, found thousands of Florida cops who remained on the job despite arrests or evidence of crimes due to a disciplinary system that was largely favorable to officers. But in Weston, every city contract includes a provision that lets the city manager move contracted employees out of the city. Ultimately, it's the private-sector employer and not the city that decides what the do with the worker. "We don’t have to put up with a sub-par person just because you can’t get rid of them," Hersh says. “From an efficiency standpoint, that’s a huge benefit." Hersh also believes that Weston's contract employees work harder and are less complacent than some other government workers because they don't have the same type of job security that exists in the public sector.
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