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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Michael Steele: "I Wanted a Brokered Convention"

Michael Steele, the now vilified former RNC chief, is responsible for successfully pushing for RNC rule changes that are now benefiting Ron Paul and liberty activists.
Before he was booted as GOP chair, Steele changed the party's primary contest rules—and now Romney and the Republican establishment are paying for his chaos-theory experiment.
Apparently, Steele pushed for rule changes because he thought that more grassroots participation would increase Republican voter registration.
At a meeting in Kansas City in August 2010, the 168 members of the party's national committee considered the proposed changes. "Based on what we saw with the Democrats in 2008," Heye recalls, "we argued that an expanded primary system would benefit the party by leading to a stronger nominee and helping to register more voters." Some committee members, though, were wary of mirroring the Democrats.
Even more interesting, the Romney folks pushed for the RNC rule changes.
But, in what now seems a profound miscalculation, the Romney camp backed Steele's reforms—and helped create the monster that now threatens him and the party....Though Steele was hoping to shake things up to make the 2012 race unpredictable, some Republicans suspected the reforms were actually being advanced to assist Romney. They believed that only a well-financed and well-organized candidate would be able to survive and thrive in a prolonged process. "They thought this was fixing the system for Mitt," a former party official says. And Heye notes, "By and large, if you supported Mitt Romney, you supported the changes."
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Well, Michael Steele was right. His dream of a more open and participatory nomination process at the expense of the reigning party elites has indeed resulted in more Republican voter registrations but these folks are only registering Republican so they can vote for Ron Paul.

Thank you Michael Steele! I doubt that his motives were liberty oriented but the end result has been a 'We the People' coup d'etat to takeover the Republican Party. Courtesy of Michael Steel, 'We the People' are able to wage a revolution for a true 'We the People' political process.

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