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Monday, May 14, 2012

New York City: Whites Rarely Get Murdered

Gary North ( observes that most of the murder victims in NYC are black and Hispanic.
In an article about the rise in the number of police stop-and-frisks (over 700,000 a year), this fact emerged: 96% of shooting victims in the city were black or Hispanic in 2011. So were more than 90% of murder victims. Conclusions: whites and Asians are safe from these two crimes.
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Many blacks and Hispanics are defenseless against criminals because the NYPD specifically targets them and frequently for victimless crimes. IN anti-gun NY, these folks are unable to legally possess firearms because of criminal convictions, they are then forced to illegally buy firearms on the street and many are arrested on illegal firearms possession charges and imprisoned for years.

NYPD doesn't target cocaine crazed traders on Wall Street. Middle class and affluent white folks tend to get a pass when it comes to violating drug laws but blacks and Hispanics are easy targets to abuse. Because they tend to be poor they frequently don't have the monetary resources to fight the charges, they are convicted in huge percentages and these convictions deny them their natural right to defend themselves.

New York's liberals really don't care about blacks or Hispanics. In fact, they want them dead to advance their anti-liberty, anti-2nd amendment and anti-right to self defense agenda.

The best possible way to empower blacks and Hispanics is to abolish victimless crime laws, end the War on Drugs and restore 2nd amendment rights to non-violent folks convicted of victimless crimes.

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