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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Outrage Grows After U.S. Drug War Kills More Honduran Women, Children

The Obama Administration has authorized the slaughter of women and children in its War on Drugs.
The U.S. government’s so-called “War on Drugs” in Central America is under heavy fire again after a barrage of negative publicity surrounding a controversial and deadly operation in Honduras earlier this month: an attack that terrorized villagers and reportedly killed two pregnant women and two children traveling on a riverboat. Fierce criticism also erupted when it emerged later that state-sponsored gunmen speaking English — presumably Americans, according to witnesses — pointed a gun at a teenager’s head and threatened to shoot if he refused to talk....Numerous victims, however, described some of their attackers as “gringos,” a somewhat derogatory term for Americans. "If you don't talk we'll kill you.… Where is El Renco? Where is the merchandise?" the English-speaking drug warriors said to 17-year-old Celin Eriksson, according to his statements to the Associated Press after the operation. His 14-year-old cousin, Haskel Tom Brooks Wood, was killed on the riverboat as the drug warriors riddled it with bullet holes before and after shining a spotlight on it.
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