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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

There’s Always Free Cheese in a Mousetrap

Everybody games the entitlement system, even the wealthy, because as one wealthy mooching maggot says "It's easy and it's free."
Recently, a wealthy customer of mine came into my office chortling about how he was able to sign up for VA disability. “Are you disabled?” I asked. “You seem healthy, aren't you a tennis player?” “Yes,” he replied, “but back when I was in the military I had a very hard landing (wink, wink), and now I’m starting to feel some of those aches and pains.” To this I replied, “You’re a wealthy man. You’re worth millions. Why would you need to sign up for VA disability benefits and collect $1,400 a month from the government when you don’t need the money?” “You are right. I don’t need the money, but why not?” was his reply. “Everyone is doing it. The government is giving it out. It’s easy and it’s free.”
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