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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why Ron Paul supporters will never support Mitt Romney

Considering the latest occurrences happening at GOP state conventions around the nation, it has become apparent that Ron Paul supporters will hold their ideological ground and continue to be a thorn in the side of the neoconservative establishment. To the dismay of long time Grand Ol’ Party members, supporters of Dr. Ron Paul seem to be unwilling to compromise and get behind the “presumptive” nominee Mitt Romney. Why? To be thorough, one must first understand a vital characteristic of the average Ron Paul devotee. From my personal experience, supporters of Paul are typically more informed than the traditional voter. The lack of coverage (and grossly unfair coverage) for the Texas congressman by the mainstream media has led Paulites to disavow television news and seek alternative sources of information. This has resulted in a growing network of enthusiasts both on the internet and in local communities while lessening the influence of the media on this demographic. In the past, the media could just “reel back in” dissenters of mainstream opinion.
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