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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wind farm scam a huge cover-up

I so adore environmentalists who are smart enough to figure out that alternative green power, specifically wind power, is one hugely expensive scam. A journalist exposes the wind scam in Australia.
ONE of the great popular misconceptions about climate-change sceptics such as Ian Plimer, Bob Carter, Cardinal George Pell and me is that we’re all Big-Oil-funded, Gaia-ravaging, nature-hating emissaries of Satan....
At the heart of this scandal are the union superannuation funds that are using the wind farm scam as a kind of government-endorsed Ponzi scheme to fill their coffers at public expense. One of the biggest wind farm developers — Pacific Hydro — is owned by the union superfund Members Equity Bank. To meet its carbon reduction quotas, we’re told, Australia needs to build about 10,000 new wind turbines like the ones that have destroyed Waterloo (and dozens of communities like it from NSW to South Australia).
The figures are mind-boggling. Each of those turbines will cost about $3 million, which means $30 billion even before you’ve started building the power lines. And where’s this money coming from? The consumer, of course — mostly via tariffs whacked on to the price of conventional, fossil-fuel energy prices, in the form of payouts called Renewable Energy Certificates.
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Even more alarming is that it's being disclosed that wind farms actually cause global warming by increasing the surrounding air temperature.  The moving blades of the wind turbines significantly heats up the air.

Wind Farms Cause Global Warming!

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