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Sunday, June 17, 2012

$970 Billion Bailout Bill Passes a Key Senate Committee. Congress Will Vote for It. Obama Will Sign It.

When the U.S. government passes a bailout bill worth close to $1 trillion, you might think this would be front-page news. It isn’t. You might think Republicans would be fighting it. They aren’t. Why not? Becquse it’s that old favortite, agribusiness. In the name of helping the small farmer, the agrigribusiness industry lives high on the hog. It lives on the federal tit. This will never change until the Great Default. The bill covers five years, so it’s really a “mere” $194 billion a year. It covers food stamps. It covers crop insurance: zero-risk pricing of crops. It’s pork. Literally. The promoter of this system of government-subsidized agriculture is being hyped by the Senate Agriculture Committee is a “new, improved” system of facism. (Fascism is what it is: the alliance between big busibess and big government.
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