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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Congress Loves Corporate Welfare Queens - Votes to Keep $1.9 Billion in Annual Sugar Subsidies

America's corporate welfare queens have long been a most privileged American class that eats up gobs of taxpayer dough through the process of filling up campaign coffers and literally buying the votes of Congress Critters to keep their corporate welfare checks flowing. For years, libertarians, free market advocates and many Democrats and liberals have attempted in vain to end corporate welfare. Big Sugar is one of America's biggest welfare queens and has been sucking off the taxpayers teat for decades....With over $15 trillion in debt and annual deficits of at least $1 trillion, one would have thought that Congress just might be stricken with a case deficit remorse and vote for once to save the taxpayers a few bucks. But alas, no such thing came to pass and the US Senate rejected a motion to end the sugar subsidies.
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