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Friday, June 1, 2012

Conservative editor: Young Americans ‘so frickin’ stupid’ they shouldn’t get to vote

Crazy Jonah Goldberg over at the National Review has gone off the deep end and accuses young Americans of being 'so frickin stupid' they shouldn't be allowed to vote. Goldberg is just whining that the Republican Party has lost control and no longer appeals to young voters. If America ever sheds its shackles, it will be because of the young Paulites, Libertarians and revolutionaries who are fed up with the Warvangelicals, statists, endless murderous wars, the wholesale destruction of civil liberties, corporate welfare and bankster bailouts. Jonah, get a life! The Revolution is coming and you can't stop it. The National Review will be consigned to the dust heap of history and hopefully you will too!
Appearing in a video published online on Thursday, Jonah Goldberg, editor-at-large for the neoconservative National Review Online website, explains that he believes letting 18-year-old Americans vote is a big mistake that should be taken back. Advocating that conservatives should “literally” beat young people into political submission, Goldberg said that young voters are “so frickin’ stupid about so many things,” which is why, in his view, the system must change.
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