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Monday, June 4, 2012

Daily Paul Goes Down for Maintance Monday

No worries everybody. Our movement's beloved newspaper, The Daily Paul, has been offline for a few hours here Monday, but it's simply for site maintenance, not a coordinated attack by the Bilderbergers! Several of you have taken to The Daily Paul's Facebook page to ask what's wrong and speculate; thankfully one commenter, Angela D, shared a link to the IP address of an alternate server for The Daily Paul, where the first visible post is entitled, "Site Maintenance," and the text underneath says:

"Just a FYI, the site was running real slow tonight, so we had to take it off line to run a few maintenance commands. Sorry for the downtime. It should be stable within a few more minutes. -marc"

Aaand, as I'm hitting publish on this, the site's back up! Now you know what happened. The speculation can end. Unless "marc" is an agent of the Bilderberg Group...

Edit (a few minutes later) - Aaand, it's back down again. But this is just for maintenance as explained above. No reason to panic.

Edit 2 (like thirty seconds later) - And if you're stuck for something to read while you're waiting for The Daily Paul to come back online, I had an awesome interview with liberty candidate, John Dennis and you can read it here.

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