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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Democrats, White House in a Panic Over President Obama’s Reelection Prospects

By: Wes Messamore

The media narrative Tuesday was dominated by talk of panic in the Democratic Party and disarray at an embattled White House as one thing after another seems to go wrong for President Obama in his campaign’s long, hard slog to November’s election.

Monday, in the Washington Post, Dana Milbank painted the following picture:
“It has been a Junius Horribilis for President Obama.
Job growth has stalled, the Democrats have been humiliated in Wisconsin, the attorney general is facing a contempt-of-Congress citation, talks with Pakistan have broken down, Bill Clinton is contradicting Obama, Mitt Romney is outraising him, Democrats and Republicans alike are complaining about a ‘cascade’ of national-security leaks from his administration, and he is now on record as saying that the ‘private sector is doing fine.’”
Meanwhile, a research document for Democracy Corps written in collaboration with Democratic strategist James Carville warns that Democrats “will face an impossible headwind in November if we do not move to a new narrative, one that contextualizes the recovery but, more importantly, focuses on what we will do to make a better future for the middle class.”

Not only that, but polling data in swing states where President Obama won in 2008 are painting an ominous picture for his reelection bid. Just as filmmaker Spike Lee concedes in a recent GQ interview that President Obama’s reelection is not a sure thing, numbers from North Carolina, which President Obama won in 2008, show him losing a stunning amount of African American voters and even slipping below Governor Mitt Romney overall in North Carolina for the first time since October.

New polling also finds President Obama losing significant support among union members and polling one point behind Gov. Romney in Iowa in Rasmussen’s first look at the key battleground state where President Obama defeated John McCain in 2008′s presidential election. As if that weren’t enough bad news, President Obama’s support among Jewish voters in deep blue New York State has apparently dropped by 22 points in just one month according to another poll released just yesterday.

Even as the Republicans inch closer to nominating Gov. Romney, the most uninspiring Republican presidential candidate since– well, 2008–the reason President Obama’s reelection prospects look so dour, isn’t due to a horrible June, but due to a horrible first term as president. Here “horrible” specifically means that President Obama has simply not been independent enough, and that’s why voters are deserting him...

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Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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