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Friday, June 15, 2012

FAT CATS RUNNING SCARED (and taking a nasty swipe at Ron Paul)

In addition to fighting the wars and insane spending, Ron Paul has been a major champion of US sovereignty which, of course, has made him the enemy of the global governance gang.
Internationalists at the annual Bilderberg confab in Chantilly, Va. gathered to press on for integrating the world under one global government...Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) was denounced by a gang of Bilderberg boys wolfing down cocktails in the lobby on Thursday, May 31. Paul has been denounced for years because he opposes U.S involvement in foreign wars....“It would be much easier to get the world to accept our policies if Paul and other ‘nationalists’ would disappear,” said one. “I’d like to charter a jet, hire a Muslim suicide pilot and give them all a free ticket to hell.”
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