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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Forced to Be Free

Over 200 years ago, the French Enlightenment’s political philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau posited that humans must be “forced to be free.” Rousseau’s counterintuitive principle held that there was a so-called general will, which he roughly defined as “one will which is directed towards their common preservation and general well-being....A society following the general will must be guided by enlightened leaders who would properly interpret the general will and implement it accordingly. Therefore, enlightened leaders able to interpret the general will, in Rousseau’s view, could and should be society’s masters to bring happiness to all. Unfortunately, Rousseau’s paradoxical political philosophy is alive and well in President Barack Obama’s administration. Obama seeks to make Americans free to enjoy previously undreamt of “rights,” such as rights to free healthcare (as determined by the government) and sexual rights, which apparently trump such traditional rights as religious liberty and free speech.
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