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Monday, June 11, 2012

Gary Johnson? Why Not if Ron Paul isn't the Nominee?

What should we do? We need to advance the cause of peace, liberty and prosperity by supporting a 3rd party candidate who at least is ideologically aligned with us on the major issue. Gary Johnson is such a candidate and as the Libertarian Party candidate for president, Gary Johnson has an impressive record as governor of New Mexico. Gary Johnson governed as a solid fiscal conservative and defender of the 10th amendment and state rights...Gary Johnson is a thoroughly decent liberty candidate and a whole lot better than either Obama or Romney who together are like two peas in the R and D Uniparty pod. If liberty activists want to advance the cause of liberty, then Gary Johnson is the best possible choice. Yes, he's not Ron Paul, but who is? Gary Johnson is definitely on the side of liberty and has been a champion of small constitutional government his entire life. He's got a record to prove it.
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