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Friday, June 15, 2012

GOP Chair Calls Voters Stupid if they Vote for Independent Candidate Tisha Casida

Filed by: Wes Messamore

In the mail from my friend, Tisha Casida:


If You Vote for Tisha Casida - You Are Stupid

Dear Patriot,

We have gained resounding support for our message of constitutional government, fiscal conservatism, and social liberty.

But the chairman of Colorado's GOP actually said that voters are "too smart" to vote for Tisha Casida.

We were pretty upset at his condescending remarks, and so here is our press release out to you - our supporters - as well as to media outlets around the country.  Please spread the word - we have showed our muscle - we are a threat.

And if you want to send a real message back to these people who have just called you incapable of making a good decision without them, please donate today - this is a crucial time for our next fundraising deadline, and our nationally-recognized campaign has gotten this far because of people like you. Every bit - $25, $50, $100, even $250 goes towards meeting new voters, and fighting back against corruption.

In Liberty,


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13 June 2012
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GOP Chair Calls Voters Stupid if they Vote for Casida
(Denver, CO) In a seemingly condescending remark to Colorado voters, Colorado GOP Chair Ryan Call, in an interview with The Colorado Statesmen newspaper, said that voters of the third congressional district were “too smart” to vote for Tisha Casida in November.

This comes after the Casida campaign has estimated that they have reached over 60,000 followers and supporters to date in the district and beyond with their campaign efforts.  And the most recent numbers of registered voters in Colorado (Independent: 90,256 (I)/Democrat: 98,924 (D)/Republican: 126,141(R)) shows that the 3rd congressional seat is anyone’s to win.  “If it’s about winning Independents and some Republicans and some Democrats, then we have a good shot at winning in November - the math and the voter sentiment is in our favor,” said Casida.  “Look at the Democratic primary in West Virginia, where an inmate - in prison as we speak - got about fifteen points less than the sitting President – whoever says that we can’t win as an Independent is ignoring the facts – people are fed up with the corruption in Washington, D.C.”.

Casida also said that she felt that Call’s most recent attack on the constituents of the 3rd district shows how “out of touch” the Republican party elites are from their base.  “This is exactly why the Republican Party is in for a wake-up call in November – they have ignored their base, they have treated Independents like outcasts, and they refuse to peacefully acknowledge anyone who truly stands for fiscal conservatism and social liberty”.

Call had urged Casida to not run for federal office last year before the campaign had started to gain national attention.  Casida remarked about the wishes of the Republican Party for her to join their ranks and run for “a local office”.  She said “I am tired of people telling me and my constituency to sit down, shut up, and stand in line – I am here to turn over the apple cart – and I am not running for dog-catcher to prove to them that I want to join their team – their team has sold us out”.

When asked why Call would attack voters and supporters of her campaign, Casida replied, “It’s simple – they say that we don’t matter, but we do – we are a threat – the obviously bigger elephant in the room”.  Casida has recently been mentioned in The New York Times, Bloomberg Business Week, The Colorado Statesmen, Fox Business Network's Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, as well as numerous local, regional and national alternative print, web, radio and television interviews.  Some links to these are available on her web-site


People like YOU run our campaign, and we are beholden to the people - NOT THE PARTY - please consider a donation today - every bit goes to fill our gas tanks and reach more voters!


Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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