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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Government enables racketeering in Virginia healthcare

Government’s role in healthcare has been a long-standing debate. When it comes to healthcare, emotion habitually interferes with logic and often the least intuitive solutions are the most effective. Many taxpayers believe that government intervention leads to lower costs and better coordination however this is almost never the case. Here is a prime example in Virginia that demonstrates how government intervention creates opportunities for crony capitalism. Reason reports: “Two physicians being represented by the Arlington-based Institute for Justice are challenging Virginia’s Certificate of Need [CON] process, which restricts who can deliver health care services in the commonwealth—and which ones. Dr. Mark Baumel has come up with an innovative way to perform colon-cancer screenings. He already has put it to use in Delaware. But he cannot offer the procedure in Virginia without a permission slip from the state—which the commonwealth has denied.
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