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Friday, June 1, 2012

Is the GOP in Full Throttle Suicide Mode?

It's no secret that the GOP is old, white, gray and dying. In 2008, Obama won the youth vote by a whopping 68% to 30% when he defeated McCain. This election cycle, the youth vote has energetically supported Ron Paul. Could it be that the young really don't want to march off and die in neocon wars or return home minus their limbs and junk? The Republican Party used to get by in generals elections because it managed to cobble together a collection of antagonistic constituencies including Libertarians, independents, Buchananites, paleo-conservatives and others. But this paradigm permanently changed in 2006 when the GOP dissidents could no longer even hold their noses and vote Republican. The Democrats took the House of Representatives in 2006 and again won big in 2008. Recently, Jonah Goldberg of the statist neocon National Review actually said that young folks are 'so frickin stupid' that they should not even be allowed to vote!
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