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Monday, June 11, 2012

Joe Sobran’s Presidential Platform

A timeless classic by one of the greatest advocates for liberty - Joseph Sobran (may he RIP).
My message is simple: no wars, no spending programs, no taxes. My legislative program is equally simple: the repeal of most Federal laws on the books. As for foreign policy, I have another simple approach: stop intervening around the world and making enemies we don’t need. This will also eliminate the need for ruinous defense spending. In short, the Federal Government will return to the U.S. Constitution.,,,In truth, our ancestors didn’t know how good they had it. They rebelled against British rule for far less oppressive government than we take for granted. Despite all their complaints about taxes, the average American paid only a few pennies – yes, pennies – per year to the British crown in taxes. America was one of the most prosperous countries on earth even before it won independence. And again, nobody complained that there wasn’t enough government. The grievance was too much government. And today? As one British wag recently asked, “Well, gentlemen, how do you like taxation with representation?” Under the forms of self-government, Americans have lost nearly everything their ancestors won. Chattel slavery has been abolished, but it has been replaced by tax-slavery to the government.
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