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Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Freedom Means More Security

In light of my recent travels I was reminded of this piece I wrote at RevoluTimes back in November. When will we finally say we've had enough? How much longer will we stand being degraded and treated like criminals? Here's my solution:

Why must we trust government for our security when it was government that failed in the first place to protect us from terrorists? Should we not be free to provide for our own security or to choose someone else to provide the service? Nothing exemplifies this dilemma more than the Transportation Safety Administration, (TSA). Created in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, like the Patriot Act, it too has urged many to ask if Washington has crossed the line in infringing civil liberties for the sake of national security. The TSA’s enhanced security measures such as pat-downs and full-body scans of passengers have triggered many travelers to seek other forms of transportation or to resist the invasive measures altogether. Some airports are looking to provide safety precautions by other means to quell the growing animosity of their customers towards the TSA. This is where Congressman Paul’s belief comes in that restoring our liberties, (in this case, economic) will actually make us safer.
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