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Monday, June 18, 2012

Norfolk, Virginia, While Abusing Eminent Domain To Seize 78-Year-Old Business, Attempts To Silence Free Speech

Think we have property rights in America? Think again.
I’m a month behind on this story, but something terrible is underway in Norfolk, Virginia, that should disturb all Americans who value property rights and free speech. Central Radio Company, which first opened 78 years ago and has been at its current location of 1083 West 39th Street for 50 years, is currently under siege. First officials at the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority attempted to seize their property in order to transfer it to Old Dominion University, which currently has no specific site development plan for Central Radio’s property. The owners of the company, Bob Wilson and Kelly Dickinson, rightfully objected to the eminent domain proceedings. They then commissioned a 375-square-foot banner (left) and hung it on their building to protest the taking. Then this happened: The banner worked. Almost immediately, Central Radio started getting calls and letters of support from Norfolk-area residents and businesses. And the banner itself has become a focal point for local groups opposed to the city’s abuse of its eminent-domain authority. Not surprisingly, Norfolk officials have quickly moved to silence Central Radio.
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