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Friday, June 15, 2012

Ron Paul Will Not Endorse Mitt Romney. He is, as he has always been, the man of principle

Lew Rockwell was asked to appear on the Alex Jones Show on June 14 to discuss the the wars, the euro, the bankster bail-out, and the #1 topic in the libertarian and conservative political world, Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney. With much speculation being bandied about regarding an endorsement by Ron, Lew quickly and decisively puts the matter to rest. He tells us that the Ron Paul he met in 1975 is the same Ron Paul today. He is not going to endorse Mitt Romney any more than he did George W. Bush, John McCain, or aimilar figures. Lew continues by noting that there is only one Ron Paul. He's unique in American history, and he doesn't sell out. We have no worries whether nor not this great man will stick to his principles.
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